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MM-Welding® – Smart Joining of Lightweight Materials

MM-Welding® technology is an innovative fastening technique using ultrasonic energy to create a frictional positive connection in porous materials, sheet structures, sandwich materials, injection-moulded and pressure mouldings. To achieve this, rod or collar-shaped thermoplastic elements are used to fasten components.


  • Significantly stronger connections than with many other fastening methods
  • Can be used without pre-setting to take up tolerance
  • Clean processing, as no additional materials or pre-treatment of surfaces is required, and no waste is produced
  • Statistical check on the process, which guarantees the quality of the individual fastenings
  • The technology is used in a wide range of industrial processes and in other industries, such as medicine and the furniture industry

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  • LiteWWeight® Double Pin
  • Applications
  • Features
MM-Welding LiteWWeigth Double Pin

This fastener is designed to realize fast and strong fixation that can be designed for plastic direct screws, with a metric internal thread or even with a through-hole. The fastener consists of a sleeve, as slide and optionally a metallic insert, which can be selected according to the application.

Product information  |  Video

MM-Welding LiteWWeigth Double Pin
  • For connection into lightweight sandwich panels made of aramid, polypropylene, and more
  • Nomex honeycomb panels for aerospace applications: In aerospace industry, certification is crucial for the acceptance of each part. The LiteWWeight® Double Pin includes standard materials for aerospace, and is an ideal replacement for gluing where material content complicates the certification process.
  • Polypropylene honeycomb panels: Internal cavities of polypropylene honeycomb panels make it difficult to install standard connectors such as screws as they don’t have a structure to hold on to. The LiteWWeight Double Pin® is designed to attach strongly to this type of material, and if necessary allows the inclusion of a metallic thread.
MM-Welding LiteWWeigth Double Pin
  • High versatility: can contain a clearance hole, a threaded hole or a metallic insert (M3 to M8)
  • Quick installation process time of < 0.7 seconds
  • High strength due to creating form lock to top-layer and conventional weld-connection to bottom-layer
  • Full integration in substrate possible
  • Pull-out forces of higher around ~ 2000 N can be achieved through deep integration into HCB material

  • InWWerse® Fastener
  • Applications
  • Features
MM-Welding® InWWerse® Fastener

Based on the innovative MM-Welding® process, the InWWerse® Fastener Technology takes the industry proven advantages and features to another exciting field of applications. The MM-Welding® engineers have developed a novel fastening system which allows to precisely establish an immediately loadable connection point onto thermoplastic substrates.

Product information  |  Technical Data Sheet & Design Guide  |  Video

MM-Welding® innovative InWWerse®-Technologie
  • For creating connection points on thin polymer parts
  • Ideal for thermoplastic polymers with or without reinforcement
  • Discrete connections possible. Neither marks nor fastener appearance on distal side visible
  • Suitable for decorative and structural parts within automotive, aviation or rail industry
MM-Welding® InWWerse® Fastener
  • Very fast processing time of only 1 second
  • Suitable also for low wall-thicknesses
  • No pre-hole or through-hole required
  • Strong form locking due to innovative crater shaped design

Pushing forward Aerospace interiors with Advanced Fastening Technologies

In the dynamic world of aerospace manufacturing, MultiMaterial-Welding AG and Bossard focus on developing innovative fastening solutions to replace traditional methods like gluing or insert potting in primary aerospace structures. Using advanced ultrasonics methods, our technologies are specifically designed for complex sandwich structures with honeycomb and foam core materials or thermoplastic trimmed part and lining. 

This approach not only enhances the reliability and durability of aerospace components but also offer a more efficient and precise alternative to conventional fastening methods. Our commitment lies in advancing aerospace engineering with technologies that elevate both efficiency and safety in interior application.


>> Learn more about MM-Welding application in aerospace