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Bossard Aerospace aims to create a work environment for everyone to feel welcome


The more successful each of our employees is, the more successful we as a business can become. That is why we take recruitment, training, teamwork, communication, performance appraisals, personnel development and compensation seriously. Our personnel policy is designed to inform you about our offers and expectations. 

Clear and open communication is a core value relevant to all areas of our personnel policy in order that we can work together on reaching your goals as an employee and part of a team, and our goals as a business. We value our employees’ commitment to excellence and efficiency, and their creativity, expert knowledge, integrity, willingness to take the initiative and problem-solving abilities. 

Our teams are made up of motivated, performance and solution oriented people with exceptional social competence, irrespective of age, gender and nationality. Clear job descriptions, standard processes and the necessary instruments for selection guarantee a high degree of professionalism, transparency and fairness during the recruitment procedure.

Personnel induction
We regard the induction of new staff as a major factor for successful participation within the team. With individual on-the-job and interdepartmental induction programs we encourage identification with the company and lay the foundations for successful teamwork.

Personnel assessment / appraisal
At least once a year, managers hold a formal discussion with each employee to agree targets and assess performance. This discussion is taken down in writing.

Personnel development
We foster continuing, personal and professions development of our personnel and support them in their efforts. We foster them individually according to their inclinations, suitability, job requirements and prospects.

We promote entrepreneurial thinking and action by offering market-oriented, target-oriented and individual performace-oriented compensation.

Retaining personnel
We attach considerable importance to retaining well qualified and highly motivated employees. We foster line, expert, and project careers.

Personnel information / communication
Internally and externally, we ensure clear, adequate and transparent communication at the correct time. With this approach we promote understanding for and acceptance of company decisions.

Personnel management
Our managers implement targeted measures to reach corporate targets. They expect initiative, performance and quality, their management approach is respectful and honest. They are aware of their exemplary function and are fair and consistent in their actions. We have established a flat and cooperative management structure with clear assignment of authority and responsibility.

We aim to create an open environment of mutual trust for Bossard's team players at all levels. We create relationships characterized by tolerance, mutual respect and esteem.

Joining Bossard Aerospace, working for Boysen Aerospace and having worked for Boysen Aerospace should all be positive experiences. Severance processes are handled fairly and with a sense of responsibility.